Tourist attractions

  • La Quebrada Cliff divers

Impressive cliffs 112 feet high where brave natives perform a beautiful diving spectacle by jumping from the top to the waves below, a depth of only 3 or 4 meters. The spot offers fabulous view of the open ocean and beautiful sunsets. The schedule of the dives is: 1:00PM, 7:30PM, 8:30PM, 9:30PM and 10:30PM daily.

  • Fort of San Diego

Constructed at the beginning of the XVII century to defend ships from the pirates when during the delivering of Asian merchandise from Asia. Due to the destruction caused by an earthquake, it was necessary to reconstruct the fort in 1778, following the original design.. Actually it has been adapted to house the Historic Museum of Acapulco. It has 10 exhibition halls that tells the value of this fort during several important historic episodes of Mexico.

  • Tehuacalco

Archeological zone home ot the ancient Yope tribe. 80 acres and 44 archeological sites including sacred caves and ceremonial centers to perform cult to the gods. Closely related to elements such as water and hills. Among the structures there are the Principal Temple, Ball Court, the Rock Temple and the Crown Temple.

  • Palma Sola Archeological Zone

Archeological zone and cultural heritage of the nation where you can find 19 rocks engraved with figures that represent humans dated from the prehispanic era, which covers the period between 800a.c. and 750d.c. They show diverse situations, historical events, myths, beliefs and customs of the ancient people of the region. It is believed to be the site where religious ceremonies were held. This area is located on the El Veladero mountain, an ecological reserve that is made up of 3.8 acres and is between 350 and 400 meters above sea level.

  • President Juarez Mansion

A cultural space dedicated to promote regional culture and art from the state of Guerrero particulary, from the city of Acapulco. It has 3 exhibition rooms for paintings, photographs or bibliographic presentations, among others.

  • Diego Rivera's Mural

Between 1956 and 1957, Diego Rivera, the Mexican painter, lived in Acapulco and finished several of his last works before he died in the house of his friend, Dolores Olmedo. On the front of the house, you can appreciate a mural that is 70 square meters where ancient Aztec gods, Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc, are emphasized.. This mural was constructed in relief and filled with small pieces of mosaic made from volcanic stone, fragments of tile, hewn stone and seashells. This mural represents an important part of the history, art and culture of the port, place of inspiration and a refuge for great celebrities from Mexico and the world.

  • Papagayo Park

Natural protected area that covers a surface of more than 200 thousand square meters. In it you will find sporting facilities, pools, skating ring, auditorium, lakes, rowing and pedal pushing boats, cycling track, games, rides for children, and many other attractions and services.

  • La Paz Chapel

Ecumenical chapel located at one of the highest hills of Acapulco. It´s large white cross has become one of the city´s trademarks, visible from many points of Acapulco.

  • Our Lady of Solitude Cathedral

This beautiful Cathedral, home to the Virgin of Solitude, is located in the Zocalo of the port and was constructed in 1930. It is decorated in a simple Byzantine style. The Virgin of Solitude is the patron of Acapulco since King Philip II sent it from Spain so that the royal troops would crown her as the general of the troops and protect them from the rebels during the War of Independence of Mexico.

  • Casa de la Cultura

Here you will find cultural, photographs, paintings, along with artifacts and traces of ancient people from the State of Guerrero. They present theater, singing competitions and they offer painting, dancing, music, theater and language classes, among other activities.

  • Art & crafts

Many handcrafts markets are located along the main street Costera Miguel Aleman, some of the as close as accross the street. Your will find colorful handicrafts from the State of Guerrero, regional sweets, tshirts and souvenirs.

  • Galerias Diana

The world of fashion is in Acapulco. In the heart of Acapulco, a great shopping center has emerged with the services that Acapulco was waiting for. World famous shops, a very varied food court, VIP movie theaters, and much more. Stop in and you will find what you are looking for in Galerias Diana.

  • Plaza Bahia

There is a place in Plaza Bahia for the whole family and for all ages. Located in the heart of Acapulco, this is more than a shopping center. You can find clothing stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores, leather goods, restaurants, and entertainment for the entire family.

  • Gran Plaza

Located on the Costera in front of the Hotel Ritz, it is the largest shopping center in Acapulco. It has all the best boutiques, shoe stores, movies, banks, airlines along with many other services. Air conditioned and parking. Open from 9:00am to 10:00pm.

  • Botanical Garden

The purpose of this beautiful area is to cultivate plant life for botany studies, to take care and disseminate endangered regional flora as well as teaching the community how to appreciate and preserve nature.
As a different and cultural way of entertainment, this botanical garden offers a wide variety of native species such as lumber trees, flower and fruit trees. There are also different species from all parts of the world such as palm trees, sago palms, ferns, cacti, succulents, orchids, bromelias and ginger. There are also fine wood trees as palo morado, Peltogyne Mexicana which is also an endangered..

  • Coyuca Lagoon

Located at of Coyuca de Benitez town, it is 10 kilometers long and a maximum width of 5 kilometers. This site protects a great number and variety of flora and fauna of the costal region that you can see by taking a boat ride. This is the ideal place to practice water sports, such as waterskiing or fishing. Within the lagoon, you can find the islands Big, Philippines, Bird Island, La Montosa, La Pelona and Caballos..

  • Puerto Marques Lagoon

Surrounded by exuberant vegetation and the natural habitat of several animal species, such as herons, seagulls, fish, crocodile and a variety of tropical birds. One of the main characteristics of this lagoon is the brown color of the water with a heavy scent of sulphur due to the proliferation of mangroves in this area as well as the release of mineral elements which enrich the quality of the water and gives life to an entire ecosystem.

  • Tres Palos Lagoon

Located at the west side of Acapulco Bay, close to Acapulco’s International Airport, with exceptional natural beauty and exotic surroundings. A large variety of tropical birds live in this area surrounded by mangroves.
One of the unique activities in the lagoon is to enjoy a black clay beauty mask which natural properties allow skin exfoliation and restoration.

  • CICI Water Park

CICI water park offers fun activities so you will spend an unforgettable day with the whole family! Enjoy our kiddies area, swiftly slide through curves and drops along 95 meters of enclosed waterslides, open air low speed toboggans, spin around in the tornado falling into a 2 meter deep pool, a tidal wave pool and a dolphin show.

  • Mágico Mundo Marino

Magico Mundo Marino is an aquarium-beach club, located between Caleta and Caletilla beaches. Our facilities include a restaurant, a poolside bar, pools, tobogans, and shallow water pools. Among our main attractions there is a fish exhibit, a seal show, and the feeding piranhas, crocodiles, sharks and turtles.

  • Bull Fights

Live the passion and the romance of bullfighting in Acapulco every Sunday. The young Mexican bullfighters reviving a centuries old tradition in the bullring. The man against the brave bull challenge is an experience you cannot miss. Every Sunday, from March through January at 5:30 P.M.

  • Calandria carriages main street tour

Popular balloon decorated carriages pulled by horses that ride along Acapulco´s main avenue from the Diana Circle to Papagayo Park. You can enjoy the landscape of the city, besides admiring the grand hotels and at night you will enjoy the festive mood of the city as restaurants, bars, and discotheques light up their signs turning this ride into a unique experience.

  • Trollies

Tourist Trollies offer tours to the most important sites in the Port and we have two routes. One will take you to the Golden Zone and the lookouts on the Scenic Highway. The other route will take you to the area of Traditional Acapulco to enjoy the Cliff Divers show in La Quebrada and on Sundays and holidays we will visit the History Museum at the Fort of San Diego. The length of this tour is approximately one hour and 15 minutes. We have special packages for groups and conventions.

  • Caleta & Caletilla beaches

Located at the traditional zone of Acapulco. These quiet beaches were the center of entertainment and fun during the 50´s & 60´s, the place were international and local stars will meet. Guarded by Roqueta Island guarantees soft waves ideal for children and families.

  • Shotover

Experience the thrill of the boat spinning 360º while enjoying some of the Mexico´s most spectacular and unusual scenery. Your ride will take you from sandy beach to the heart of the steamy jungle. The mangroves of the Puerto Marquez Tropical Lagoon are claimed to be the highest in the world with the tallest being around 10m ( over 30rt tall) and it was here where several Tarzan films were shot. You will get to go right under the canoe and see for yourself the amazing trunks and root structures reaching into the deep, rich jungle waters. Wildlife is abundant in these lagoons and this natural paradise is home to many spectacular birds from parrots to flamingos among other species of animals.

  • Bungy

Come and jump with the bungy experts! Welcome to AJ Hackett Bungy. We are the first company and world leaders in bungy jumping. 16 years doing business and more than 15 million unharmed clients. All our staff is professionally trained under a strict operating code; all the equipment is also strictly inspected. We are open every day from 12P.M. to 2 A.M. Have fun jumping off our awesome 50 meter tower and enjoy our famous restaurant, beach club, pool with waterfalls, exotic birds, live music, and a unique staging bar.


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  • Golf

Acapulco offers four spectacular 18-hole golf courses three of them located near the airport. The Golf Club is only five minutes from the hotel.

  • Tennis

Fort he White Sport lovers Acapulco has five tennis clubs. Most of the hotels have courts and allow to play in them without being a guest.

  • Bowling

Have a great time bowling with your family or friends just a few steps from the hotel.